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Eric Percy Danso is a Ghanaian Star.

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Eric Percy Danso is  a Ghanaian Star

I know a lot of Ghanaian heroes, yes I have seen a lot of young people doing exceptionally well in their field of endeavors.

But particularly there is this one person who has stolen my heart; like literally stolen it from my chest, dipped it in a bit of heaven and placed it back in there. He is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a BSc in Geomatic Engineering in June 2011. He is currently a Mine surveyor with AngloGold Ashanti, Obuasi mine. His remarkable ability to endure pressure and bring out the best won him an award as the best National service personnel in his section, Mine Technical Services at the mine 2012. He went on to be the best surveyor in 2013.

However, that is not why he is my Ghanaian hero. This 26 year old guy has managed against all odds to actually start his own production house. Now, he is a surveyor and how he has used his talent to create opportunities for us all is pretty amazing. He has directed and produced a few plays with some of the biggest stars in the Ghanaian movie industry including Naa Ashokor and Adjetey Anang.

He has specialized in developing thought-provoking stories that have affected every audience which has seen it. He has a crew and almost all his cast are ordinary people with extraordinary abilities in acting and theatre. I am one of them by the way. He has against all odds facing him managed to build an amazing team of young men and women who are ready to take the world by storm.

He is a real motivation to me, his friends and colleagues.
This guy has changed how people viewed theater by taking it into the church. A lot of people have come to appreciate how theater can actually lead one to Christ. His current play ‘THE LOVE OFFERING’ which features Ghanaian star Adjetey Anang is an inspiration to all those who have seen it.

Obuasi has seen a transformation in theater since this guy started his productions and I know Obuasi, Kumasi, Cape Coast and wherever he chooses to go will never be the same. His drive and passion to see Christ spread through the world is amazing, and which better way than through his God-given talent theater. He tells me he was actually saved through theatre so he totally understands how powerful a tool theater can be.

He has nurtured virtually ‘non-actors’ and made them stars with his guidance and tutorship. He has affected me, affected his friends, affected his community and slowly affecting his country. Trust me, it’s just a matter of time.
He is a genius with words; I mean the guy can literally play with words like a juggler does with his juggles. He is very kind, understanding, patient and most importantly very loving.

He has written and directed these plays which also featured some of the stars already mentioned; ‘His death in the 21st Century, ‘UNemployment’, ‘Not all gold glitters’, ‘The Love Concert’, and my personal favorite ‘The Love Offering’.

And he does poetry too. He has many poems which he hasn’t published yet due to reasons best known to him. He is an amazing writer, director, motivator and entrepreneur who sees opportunities in every problem and situation.
This is a piece he wrote for the Black Stars that I stole from his Facebook page.

We broke free from Africa’s bars
And survive all of it deep scars
Like the sun, we rose in the skies
And like the wind, we chanted our cries
We have fought and conquered
We achieved victory when it mattered
And now the world surely salutes us
The unimaginable beckons us
We stand at the gates of greatness
And look forward with pride and fondness
We may return from Brazil with scars
But the world will bow to us ‘THE BLACK STARS’!!!!

And there are lots more from him.
He has four jobs already and his ability to maintain the balance and keep up with all that is going on makes him a total genius.

He is a Surveyor, he is the P.R.O of Sequels Ghana, he is the director of J-NISSI Productions and he is the CEO and Director of Echoes Productions… He is my hero ‘A true Ghanaian hero’! He is Eric Percy Danso.

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This I Know a Ghanaian article was written and submitted by:

Eunice Awurabena Asor Asiamah, a fifth year medical student at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana.

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  1. Go high Amanfo…we are proud of you. i have witness some of your shows. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, this guy is gud at this. lol

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