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Dr. Opeyemi Enoch- World’s First Scholar to Solve a 156 Year old Mathematical Problem?

Credit: www.olisa.tv
Credit: www.olisa.tv

In the words of Nelson Mandela, it is impossible until it is done.

And that exactly is the case of Opeyemi Enoch, the Nigerian professor who claims to have provided proof for the Riemann Hypothesis solution, a feat no one has been able to achieve for the past 156 years.

A Senior Mathematics lecturer at the Federal University, Oye Ekiti (FUOYE), Enoch is the fourth genius to solve one of the seven Millennium Problems in Mathematics. Before now, the Kogi State-born mathematician had worked on mathematical models and structures for generating electricity from sound, thunder and Oceanic bodies. A fact to show that the egghead isn’t new to the business of creating solutions.

And that’s not all, he had previously designed a Prototype of a silo for peasant farmers and also discovered a scientific technique for detecting and tracking a person on an evil mission.

Enoch has succeeded in inventing methods by which oil pipelines can be protected from vandalism and he is currently working on Mathematical approaches to Climate Change.

Credit: article.wn.com
Credit: article.wn.com

He presented his solution to the Hypothesis on November 11, 2015 during the International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science in Vienna, Austria. The event was considered symbolic as it came on the exact day and month 156 years after the problem was delivered by a German Mathematician in 1859. First, the world class genius investigated and then established the claims of Riemann, before proceeding to Consider and correct the misconceptions that were communicated by Mathematicians in the past generations, thus making sufficient room for his solutions and proofs to be established.

Like most high achievers, Enoch faces his share of challenges, but in all, he remains cool, calm and collected. Even with several media reports and comments from detractors doubting his claim, Enoch is not moved. He only insists, “I have a proof and the mathematics community is behind me.”

In a chat with CNN he says, “People have the privilege and the right to say whatever they want to say…I have not really been giving attention to some of the comments.”

Solving the complex Riemann Hypothesis, which is one of the Clays Mathematics Institute’s seven millennium problems, involves the distribution of prime numbers, comes with a $1million prize awarded by the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI).



Lovelyn Okafor
Lovelyn Okafor
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