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David Asomaning; The Future of Robotic Engineering in Africa

David Asomaning; The Future of Robotic Engineering in Africa
Robots Ganyobi’s blog

Again and again, we have stated and re-stated that Africa has an abundance of creativity, talent and raw skills just waiting to be focused and harnessed and Ghanaian David Asomaning just added a swathe to our bundle of evidence. The student Engineer shares his inventions and plans on re-inventing robotics in Africa.

In the beginning…

In the beginning, I had to build my own toys as a kid but this was because I was always destroying the toys my parents bought and finally refused to buy.  I was naturally curious as to how my toys were built. My friends would laugh at me and call me ‘Toy Boy’. I later discovered I could draw pretty well and I became inspired by the cartoon characters in some comic strips especially from Transformers.  This ability I have is a God-given gift and every time I get an inspiration I work on it immediately.

I create ScrapBots. These are robots made from scrap or waste. Not food waste though. I put together  all kinds of items from aerosol sprays, table legs, cutlery, watches, christmas lights, batteries, pen tops, ironing heads, cake tins, keys, shoes, chair legs, etc and create a robot out them.

Balancing academics and creativity…

Well I am doing pretty well academically. I was the top overall Diploma student passing with a Distinction at the Ghana Telecomm University which is where I am currently completing my final year. So books and I are cool like that.

 David Asomaning; The Future of Robotic Engineering in Africa
Robots Ganyobi’s blog1

Future Plans…

After school the plan is to enter into the telecommunications industry and amass funds to support my project. I actually went on internship with a Ghanaian robotics company and through that I developed my skills and knowledge in the programming of the ScrapBots (to make them move and do stuff like pound fufu!) We have future plans for a TV show for kids to build their interest in robotics technology and currently a summer camp at the Ghana House is often organised for kids to also build their interest in robotics. There is a long term plan to build a High School specializing only in technology.


Well, I have tremendous support from my parents and that’s what really matters. People find it difficult to accept that I built these robots. One time I posted a photo of one of the scrapbots onto some forum and people wouldn’t believe this was made by a Ghanaian or an African.  Maybe they think nothing of the sort can come from Africa; or maybe they were threatened. The microprocessors which enable the robots to move are unfortunately imported from the United States which is pretty expensive and hard to find.

David Asomaning; The Future of Robotic Engineering in Africa
Robots Ganyobi’s blog3


God first then, Tony Sparks of Iron Man; he survived by building a battery for his heart which tells me I can survive anything when I put aside my fears and work with what’s around me.

David Asomaning; The Future of Robotic Engineering in Africa
Robots Ganyobi’s blog4

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