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Danladi Bako is a Nigerian star

Danladi Bako
Source: konnectAfrica.NET

I once watched a program about an American doctor who committed his life to saving the sick and dying in a remote part of a country in Africa for more than 20 years.

When asked about his job, the man replied contentedly; “I am happy and I’m really enjoying what I’m doing.” His reply amazed me and I turned to my friend and made a comment I now regret; I said, “Only white men can make such sacrifice.”

I later realized that I was wrong when I met Mr. Danladi Bako a real Nigerian star. Whose impact cannot be disputed especially in his community.

Mr. Danladi Bako, is an ophthalmic nurse, who has worked for 30 years in the public service.

He retired early in other to contribute his quota to the society especially in the grassroots and this is exactly what he has been up to since his retirement in 2005. The reason for choosing the grassroots he says, is because they are often at the receiving end.

Immediately after his retirement, he relocated to his hometown to live his actual dream. First, he gathered all retirees and launched his initiative to help those who retired without a proper retirement plan. The resultant effect was wonderful and a lot of the retirees found their footing through Danladi”s initiative.

Next, he set up a clinic to provide affordable and excellent health services, with the senior citizens been treated free of charge. Every patient is treated and given special counsel on how to avoid getting affected by the disease in the future. Today people visit his clinic not only from the community, but also from neighboring communities.

Danladi didn’t stop there, he also moved with his first aid box with drops insight always, in case he comes in contact with people who need a helping hand. An act which has earned him friends all over the country.

He not only runs a clinic, he also organizes special programs that help improve the living conditions in the community by inviting specialists in various fields within the country to the community in other to educate them on various subjects which include modern farming methods, personal hygiene, skill acquisition and basic business enhancement methods.

For instance, because lack of good drinking water is a serious issue and it has been reported that a lot of people suffer from Typhoid fever, he decided to introduce the community to methods of water purification using pure water guard and boiling of water in some instances. This purifier was able to reduce the incidence of typhoid fever by 70%.

He once told me that it pains him to see someone who is helpless and that he derives joy in lending a helping hand.

Mr. Danladi’s impact is felt throughout the community and there really is no indication that he plans to slow down soon. He truly is a Nigerian star.

You can reach this Nigerian star via:

Address:No 2 tal, p.obox 13Billiri, Gombe, Gombe state.

Phone: 08023748551



This I know a Nigerian article was submitted by, Yila danladi, an Indigene of Gombe state, Nigeria and a blogger for

You can reach on:

Phone: 08023748551


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