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Chief Godfred Medicine, the Ghanaian Version of the Biblical Joseph?


The proverbial saying that, success is not attained on a silver platter has once again been proven true by Chief Godfred Medicine, the founder and leader of the United Shepherd Group of Companies (U.S Group of Companies). Chief Medicine hails from the Volta Region of Ghana. Like the biblical Joseph, he was sold into slavery, but this unfortunate situation in no way hampered his resolve to become the inspiration for the oppressed, food for the hungry, hope to the hopeless, and employment to the unemployed. The name ‘Medicine’, which he said simply stood for the image of God, was given to him by a Dutch missionary who ferried across the Volta lake immunising the natives against various water borne diseases.

The Chief Executive Officer of the fast growing U.S group of Companies, a Ghanaian based amalgam of various subsidiary step-ups, who is equally an author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, took me through his childhood ordeal of being sold into slavery at a tender age of six by his biological mother; the reason(s), he described as purely monetary.

At the age of 16, he had the opportunity to escape from his slave masters and made it back home to enrol in basic school. Out of sheer determination and persistence, he undertook the various classes he had to go through though he was far advanced in age. He sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and passed in flying colours, but unfortunately for him, he couldn’t raise the needed money for a Secondary education at the time in question.

Chief Godfred Medicine

He resorted to farming and fishing with the aim of raising enough money to complete his education, and fortune finally seemed to smile at him. Via radio, he got to know about the admissions going at at Tsiame Secondary School.  He made the attempt and was eventually admitted to continue with his Secondary education. Still impoverished, Medicine skipped classes on Fridays; and in addition to Saturdays and Sundays, he virtually devoted these days to fishing and farming in order to raise enough money for his up-keep throughout the week. Such was the nature of his struggle.

On the issue of what really motivated him to shoulder all these challenges, he opined “I was made a mature person before I began thinking for myself…I think beyond my age…because I was brought up by an elderly woman(grandmother), such was the thinking pattern…I am not limited to one particular thing… Christ was my role model.”

Upon graduation, Medicine had the opportunity to work for a man who afterwards brought him to Accra for his sheer demonstration of a “spirit of hard work.” This was the foundation that birthed the formation of his own company. In Accra, has was taught how to bake bread, and ventured into bread baking. In addition to that, he worked as a Babysitter and subsequently gained employment at a Day Care Centre for children. Still craving for more, the hardworking Medicine worked evening jobs as a Cleaner/ Security personnel for the Village Inn restaurant at Abelenkpe, a suburb of Accra.

An obvious proponent of the multiple streams of income theory, he yet again tried his hands at tilapia and charcoal trading businesses.

The established entrepreneur, who attributes his successes to God, vehemently bemoans what he describes as the Ghanaian attitude of always believing that they should be shareholders one way or the other in the success stories of others’. Medicine believes that such a mind-set persists due to bad leadership, but insists that Ghanaians should begin to see themselves as masters of their own destiny. He equally advised against the belief that life is rosier outside the shores of Africa, the pursuit of which has landed a great many in dubious situations.

Akaho Felix Dzidula Junior
Akaho Felix Dzidula Junior
A Ghanaian, currently with the Prestigious Ghana Institute of Journalism studying for a B.A Degree in Communications (Journalism option). I love reading, watching football and at most times, blogging. Basically, I devote a chunk of my leisure time working on and perfecting my writing career. It's my dream to become a renowned Journalist, Lawyer and Author.

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  1. He’s never an inspiration to anybody, he’s caused Ghanaians more tears with his (US group of thieves) company than anybody I’ve heard of.
    U invest your money in that so called “us group of companies (tilapia business)”, it’s a year and over and they don’t want to pay you back, they delay you, frustrate you, go back on the promised amount, refuse to pick your calls, and many more.
    Just that in Ghana, the rich is always painted white in public, n the poor has neither mouth nor defense.
    This man proclaimed himself as someone that care’s about the poor, and started cheating Ghanaian investors when he tasted the ‘Ghana money’.

    He couldn’t manage just one tilapia company, how then do we entrust more into his hands?
    Everybody can put on the devils clothing when cheap money is at stake…
    God will punish them (US GROUP OF COMPANIES) all…

  2. I had the honour of watching the life story of Godfrey Chief Medicine on FEVA; and wow; what a life story. Some part of it brought me to tears. He is truly an inspiration to many, he has certainly made a great impact on my life. I would really love to shake this man hand one day. He is certainly my hero and my motivator. God bless you Sir Godfrey.

    From Juliet Gordon
    Kingston, Jamaica in the Caribbean

  3. i was very fortunate to watch chief godfred medicine life story on tv i felt motivated daht no matta ao pple cee u or d way dey treat u hurling abuses at u,u shuld nt gv up on urself beliv in who u r cauz God created each n every one of us to be great in life no matta ao our past maybe we rhuld juz pray n continue to hope n luk up to our future it doesnt where or who u r naw what matters ez d person u ll be n where u ll be in future….tnx
    4rm Damilola Lagos Nigeria

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