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Brand King: Lessons from Tom and Jerry


While growing up, thanks to cartoons like Tom and Jerry, I thought dogs loved bones. Well, not exactly! Dogs really don’t like bones like we think they do. They prefer meat, but only settle for bones because that is what is given to them. They most times don’t have a choice.

Same concept is applicable to life, career and even business. Have a choice. Whatever you want, create the image, define, fight and work hard enough and you’d get it. People who struggle, people who live for and by the lives of others, people who live like they don’t have a choice, most times subconsciously made that their only choice.

 We all have a choice. A lot of us just don’t see it or fight hard enough for it. Whether life or business, decide on the best of what you want or others will define it for you. Make plans for yourself or others will make it for you. Know where you are going to or everywhere you get to will look like it. If you don’t follow your dreams, then you’d be hired to follow and bring to fruition, the dreams of others.


So maybe, now is the right time to choose. Choice to our team is one of the 3 strategic C’s of life: that is Choice, Chance and Change. Our success on earth will depend on the Choices we made, the Chances we’d take and the Changes we brought and accepted. At Hexavia, Foundation 360, and the Potters Lounge, our Choice is to live and add tremendous value for progressive Change at every Chance. Add value and you will succeed. And maybe someday, when we are all gone, our descendants will sit in school, in history class and say “I know those names, they made our lives better.” It’s the Hexavian spirit.

How can we make yours better?


Eizu Uwaoma is the Founder, lead Consultant and Strategist at Hexavian Group Ltd a brand management and business consultancy company which has built over a 100 businesses in Nigeria as well as powerful African brands. Contact him via Blackberry PINS: 293030EF, 25AED290 or call 23408035202891, 23408022129684.

*The highly successful Hexavian MasterClass, a potpourri of workshops on branding, strategy and project management is going to be live in Port-Harcourt, Rivers on the 26th of October, 2013. One free pass awaits a Konnect Africa Brand King reader so let us know you were here!!!

*The ‘I Know a Nigerian Star’ Writing Competition is on! Entries close 15th October, so get writing!!! Details on prizes, judges and sponsors here>>>

Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer
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