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Brand King: Laws of Business, Life & Entrepreneurship


The Laws of Business, Life & Entrepreneurship

1.       Purpose

If you do not know where you are going, everywhere you get to will look like it. Know why you’re alive, work and in business. Find a greater reason beyond survival and making a living. Add tremendous value, profitably. Have a sound Business, Growth, Expansion and Exit (succession) Plan.

2.        People

People make things happens, things can either happen to you or because of you. Be customer, market and people oriented for they are your greatest assets and hold your biggest opportunities.

3.       Character

Personally start by having a life and trusted brand worth associating with. And then reflect and expand that more in what you do. Be branded.

4.       Knowledge

To do more, learn more.

5.       Generosity

Give more for less. Giving more in effort and in KIND than you receive in CASH.

6.       Risk

Be daring, jump off the twelfth floor of the ten storey building of your mind. Even Jesus jumped off the boat to walk on water. Eagles throw their own offspring off a height with nothing but a dare that they’d learn to fly. Only those who dare the unusual [extra-ordinary] achieve the unusual [extra-ordinary].

7.       Technology

Take advantage of our times. Automate. Do more with Less (websites, software, business process re-engineering.)

8.       Vision

Think BIG, Start Small.

9.       Result

It’s not what you do [efforts], it’s what you achieve [results]. In business and life, people don’t always see your effort they want results.

10.   Value

Add tremendous value, be a solution provider, the world is full of problems; be full of solutions and you’d succeed.

To be continued…

These are not just standard laws of business; it’s our secret recipe @ Hexavia. Remember, your world and country is in dire need of sound people, and successful businesses to raise the employment rate and a great future; it’s a challenge, our battle. But tomorrow’s battle is won with today’s practice. Please possess the Hexavian values, practice and spread these laws.

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*The highly successful Hexavian MasterClass, a potpourri of workshops on branding, strategy and project management is going to be live in Port-Harcourt, Rivers on the 26th of October, 2013. One free pass awaits a Konnect Africa Brand King reader so let us know you were here!!!



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