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Atem Kuol: Sudan’s Budding Filmmaker

Atem Kuol

With a degree in Television and Video Technology, AtemKuol is a firm believer in the importance of education although of course, a degree is not a substitute for the thrill of doing the real thing, and for him, making films is it!

Born in Khartoum, Sudan, his career as a filmmaker started in 2009 as a Director and Producer of music videos. In 2010 he became a Television Director, expressing his love for the creative industry and his passion for storytelling.

For someone who seemingly stumbled into filmmaking through a random short course he has not looked back once. Within a few months of starting his degree course, Atem was involved in the production side of things, and though still wet behind the ears, he sought all the professional experience he could get as he progressed into producing short films and documentaries.

His first Documentary ‘Success in Filmmaking’ released in 2012 was a huge success and has proved to be the springboard for greater things in this filmmaker’s life.

Today, Atem continues to explore the power of storytelling through Writing, Producing and Directing short and feature length films and documentaries. With his parents, Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X as role models, Atem is geared to make films that will have a message outside its intrinsic entertainment value.

Atem Kuol

He produced the Documentary ‘Murder to Excellence’ which was directed by a friend and colleague, Daniel Mbaku. The Documentary which is about young black people seeking positive role models and aspiring to greatness, regardless of their background was inspired by author Chimamanda Adichie’sTEDtalk, ‘The Danger of a Single Story’.

In Director Daniel’s words, via an interview with, “…I knew it would be a challenge making this film because of the lack of resources and money. After discussing the idea with Atem, we had a brief meeting and saw how we could do it with no budget. The main aim of this documentary is to inspire and motivate young people, by giving them the self-belief and awareness that they can become more than just sports icons and musicians, which is often the common stereotype in the media today.”

What advice would Atem proffer to aspiring filmmakers? Get into the industry only if you have the love and passion for film and filmmaking. Never give up an opportunity to gain more experience even if it comes without pay, and be willing to work hard and work for free!

Quotes to live by? “Life is too short to be worrying about unimportant things or complaining; focus on your strengths and the things that make you happy!” []

I concur!!!

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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