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Africa, Take The World’s Best Courses Online For Free

coursera  Take The World's Best Courses Online For FreeHello, Africa! Today, we have some information that can change your life for the better, sorry, for the best. In the emerging African economy, one thing that will make anyone stand out is superior knowledge. For this to happen, it requires a commitment to continuous personal development.

Sometime last year, I stumbled on an amazing free online study site where you can take great courses. Coursera is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform that seeks to harness technology to create a global classroom where the best professors in the world can instruct tens or hundreds of thousands of students through video, online texts, and increasingly interactive web applications. There are courses under the following categories : – Biology & Life Sciences, Business & Management, Computer Science, Economics & Finance, Education, Electrical & Materials Engineering, Food & Nutrition, Humanities, Law etc just to mention a few.

My lovely wife, Nneoma Arizechi, recently took a course from Coursera.Org and she tells her story in an interview with Konnect Africa.

You recently took a course on, the amazing free online study site. What was the title of the course and which School offered the course?

Vaccine Trials: Methods and Best Practices, from the John Hopkins School of Public Health

Why did you choose that particular course and how long was the course? 

Of all the courses available on, I chose the course on Vaccine Trials because I have always had strong interests in Vaccines, Drugs Research, Development and Production. The course was for seven (7) weeks .

What was your experience like?
It was an eye-opening experience because it aligned to my area of interest. It took me through the whole vaccine development process, history of vaccines and clinical practices. The lecturers took their time to explain. It was clear they understood the subject. We were given online access to relevant course materials. There were regular quizzes to test our understanding. Also, there was a forum where we could ask questions. After some years out of the University, it made me appreciate school education once again and brought out the disciplined part of me.

What did you take away from the course?

The course spiked my curiosity about the subject of vaccines. It has further reinforced my resolve to pursue a career in research.

Considering you have a day job, when did you find time to take the course?

The timing of the course was convenient as the course lectures were posted weekly. It only required personal commitment and discipline to follow-through on the course and finish the course within the allotted time.

For those who may be interested, what are the requirements?

With a reasonably fast internet connection, It is only a click-away. Visit, review the courses on display, select a course that interests you.

How do you think will benefit Africa and Africans?

For all those interested in gaining knowledge and personally developing themselves, let them visit the site. it will certainly add a whole lot of value.

Now You Know.

Now, you can take the World’s best Courses online, for Free. Don’t Delay. Pursue your personal development. It is time for Africa.

N.B. For a copy of Nneoma’s Statement of Accomplishment from Coursera, click here Nneoma Arizechi Cert

Arise Arizechi
Arise Arizechi
CEO of KA Publishing, Founder of Konnect Africa and Host of Breakthrough Academy

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