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Adetayo Tolulope is Another Nigerian Star.

Another beautiful piece, courtesy of the I Know a Nigerian star writing competition.

Read this one and be inspired…..

Adetayo Tolulope is Another Nigerian Star.

They say, it is a great privilege to know and to be on the team of someone who is inevitably heading for stardom, someone who enthusiastically desires to make a difference in the lives of his fellow Nigerians. The person in question is no other than the brain behind, Nigeria’s first online fashion market, in person of Adetayo Tolulope Emmanuel, a 400level student of the department of law, university of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

Adetayo Tolulope, who was born on the 20th day of the month of November, 1991 and hails from Ogun state came into limelight when he launched his website which is aimed at re-branding the fashion industry in Nigeria. Tolulope believes the fashion industry in Nigeria is underrated and believes Nigeria has a lot of young and talented people that are doing great in the area of fashion, but only need a platform to showcase their talent to the global market, such a platform is what Tolulope created so as to help as many Nigerians who have being restricted or limited one way or the other in the area of fashion.

Adetayo Tolulope Emmanuel who was nick named by his friends “swaggertolz” is the second child of a family of six. Swaggertolz is of the school of thought that, success can only be based on how influential and how much of value someone has added to others, and because of his passion to touch lives positively, he also aspires to be the next president of the law students’ society (LSS) university of Lagos chapter. Tolulope does not only boast of a healthy social life but also boasts of a healthy spiritual life as he sees God as his ultimate inspiration and driving force, though the fear of failing keeps him on his toes and encourages him to put his very best in what so ever he is privilege to do. He is known by friends and colleagues by his favorite quote (what anyone can do, I can do great) which he adopted from the popular American boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Some psychologist said, relaxation is a means of refreshing and energizing  the soul, Tolulope doesn’t joke with relaxation and he feels the best way for him to relax is to be in an environment where he is  loved and respected, so he takes hanging out with peeps very seriously as that is his major means of easing off stress. Having grown up in Ilupeju area of Lagos state, his never relenting passion to be a success and to make a positive difference is worth admiring and emulating, as he also aims to be on Africa’s forbe magazine by age twenty-five.

Matt Damon once said “stardom is going to go away eventually, because it goes away from everyone and all you have in the end is to be able to look back and like the choices you made”, Adetayo Tolulope Emmanuel has chosen to influence is country positively, add value both intellectually and materially to the people around him and most importantly he has created a platform where other Nigerians can showcase their God given talent to the world in the area of fashion, in the future this is a decision that not only Tolulope would look back and be glad he made but the whole Nigeria would be glad Tolulope made such a decision and that is why Adetayo Tolulope Emmanuel is my star.

You can reach this Nigerian star via:

Phone Number: 08153635783



This I Know a Nigerian Star article was written by Oriowo Stephen Mayowa.

You can reach him on:

Phone Number: 07084847939


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Contributing Writer
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