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Adedayo Adegoke: How to Steal an Idea and Make it Fly

Adedayo Adegoke: How to Steal an Idea and Make it Fly

A top business coach in Nigeria named Adedayo Adegoke says that you can actually steal an idea and achieve great things with it.

Mr Adegoke, who helps talented people build thriving businesses from their gifts, shared on his Facebook profile how you can copy ideas and make a killing from it.

Here is what he wrote :-

The saying that there’s no new thing under the sun can’t be successfully contested.

Show me a totally new idea, one with no reference to another or a bearing to anything in existence.

There are no totally or truly new ideas, everything is built upon or out of an old one.

Stop racking your head to churn out a new idea.

If it’s making your blood boil unnecessarily, why not borrow or steal one.

Lazy artist copy ideas, Great artists steal one!

That is, they take an idea (or its components ) and own it – they add value to it and make a difference in the World around them

Stealing an idea successfully is what births phenomenal results and makes people call the “thief” an innovator or a wizkid.

A quick warning; don’t go taking someone’s sweat you may get sued and end up losing your unlawful gains, your reputation and much more!

How do you steal an ideal and make it fly?

He continued:-

1. Don’t just steal the idea, steal the principles

What makes idea powerful is the principles at the back of it – The backbone of every great idea is the principles on which it draws.

Study, understand and take the principles of an original idea from another or complementary niche in an industry and apply it to your niche or industry.

Remember the MTN “Buy one get one free” promotion at the onset

GSM revolution in Nigeria.

It is being replicated in several industries even till date

2. Cloak it,

To take an old idea and make it fly, you need to cloak it in a new garment.

Make it look so different that it becomes almost unrecognisable from the old.

How do you do this?

Add your own unique twist on it. Take what’s working in your industry and super-impose your own unique twist (your personality, skills, experience) on it.

Falz took the music terrain by storm by injecting his unique comedic twist into his music.

3. Hybridize the idea

Mix two or more ideas to get a totally new one.

The new, having the preferred characteristics of the component ideas while knocking off unrequired aspects of any of the components.

4. Take an existing potentially profitable idea and fire it up with uncommon execution.

What makes an idea fly is not as much as the innovativeness of the idea itself but the level of execution.

Ideas are common, but execution is what brings about phenomenal outcomes.

Too many great idea die in the hands of poor execution.


Which of these points will you put to work right away?


Arise Arizechi
Arise Arizechi
CEO of KA Publishing, Founder of Konnect Africa and Host of Breakthrough Academy

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  1. Very nice article here.

    In addition to this, we have to be really careful about “LAZY” stealing of ideas.

    This is really widespread in Nigeria. And a few other African countries.

    A lot of young people are more concerned about Copying ideas from others or getting into seemingly lucrative businesses without understudying processes and systems that work.

    IMO, if we focus more on understanding processes behind successful ideas and innovating on ways to make such ideas even better, we’d definitely come up with more competitive and exciting ideas that will open up a whole new experience for existing consumers/audiences/markets.

    These have been the strategy used by leading international companies like Apple, Facebook INC. Etc that became international sensations within a short period.

    There’s always that one other chance to take an idea to the next level. This is what smart entrepreneurs do.

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