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A Cry (Part 5)

May 20th 1999

Ok, looking at the mirror is less of a chore now, though Kevwe avoided mirrors to boost her faith in the complete healing she was expecting. Kevwe stood in front of her dressing mirror and spoke to her face: ‘You are part of God’s temple, healing is your bread, what He does is ever perfect.’

She made her way to the Study, taking it easy in order not to stress her leg. Mr. Gwinka had given in to her worrisome calls to allow her do office work from home, so she could keep busy during the period she was home alone.

‘I walk by faith and not by sight,’ she said to herself. Hmm, she mused, what if God answers my prayers but not the way I desire, would I still love Him? Kevwe paused on the landing which opened into the Study, the realities of life was challenging her ever ready response to this particular question. Right now, only God knows the depth of the ache in me.

Shuffling inside the Study, she eased herself into the rocking chair….’Pull yourself together Kevwe and finish the work at hand,’ she scolded herself, ‘you are a strong woman.’

May 31st 1999

The rays of sunshine on her face made her stir.

‘It’s a new day,’ Kevwe murmured.

‘Mummie, good morning, wakey, wakey,’ Laolu screamed as he burst into her room running. ‘Daddie says today we are going to stroll,’ he reported as he hit the bed, and hugged her.
Rolling over to prepare for the day, ‘Did he say that now?’

‘Yes Mummie, and Sheba is coming too.’ Swinging her leg of the bed was much easier now, and had become second nature.

‘Alright, you go meet your Daddie to give you a bath, while I get ready.’

Standing in front of the mirror as she did daily, she inspected the spots left on her face, a couple of them had left scars which were yet to go. The rate of nightmares had reduced. Mum still called often to let her know she and her prayer group still got her covered in prayers and that everything was going to be just fine, with or without the scars.

‘Am I ready to face the world with the cast on my leg?’ she asked herself…shuffling towards the bath. Going to church was one thing, then she was in a car, and didn’t have to bother with the stares on the road, strolling with a crutch was another thing all together.

Bathing was not much of a chore anymore, as long as she remembered to take her time, and at dressing,,,that was fun, save for when she had to stretch to put footwear on the leg with the cast.

Dearest friend,
My days are much easier since I let you carry me; I am less depressed with each day. This teaching on trust is taking life in my days. The stroll with the family was worth while; going out in the sun did help to improve my spirit, with Sheba weaving her way between our feet as she wagged her tail. Hope to do this more often.

Thank you for a great day.

Love you

Arise Arizechi
Arise Arizechi
CEO of KA Publishing, Founder of Konnect Africa and Host of Breakthrough Academy

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