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26 Super Quotes on “Why You Should Read Books”.

Here are some super quotes on the act of reading and why it is important for you to cultivate the reading habit. I hope you find this compilation inspiring. Now, let’s go through the quotes…

Why You Should Read Books




Bibliophile Why You Should Read Books




Books are a uniquely portable magic


books make you better


Get lost in a good book

Gordon B. Hinckley - Reading




Jim Rohn


Keep calm and read a book

No two persons ever read the same book


Open a book and your imagination...



Read books


Read instead


Read library 2




Reading - Quote Anyone who says


Reading books will only be boring...


Reading is dreaming with ...


Reading is to the mind...




sleep is good, books are better


Sleep less, read more


The Odd Thing about ...


The Whole World opened




What is Books


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